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Our personalised interest rates are from 14.95% p.a – 49.95% p.a
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Frequently asked questions

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We take pride in providing fast service and endeavour to apply our credit criteria and perform responsible lending checks as soon as we receive your application. Our aim is to complete the processing of all pending loan applications within 24 hours.
SeedCash typically provides personal loan if you meet the following (but not limited-to) requirements:
  • You need to be over 18 years old;
  • You need to be currently residing in New Zealand;
  • You need to have a valid photo ID (any passport or NZ driving license accepted);
  • You need to be a NZ/AU Resident/Citizen or hold a valid work visa;
  • You need to be working full-time/part-time for at least three months with your current employer;
  • You need to be earning at least $300 per week;
  • You need to have an active bank account with at least three regular payroll transactions;
  • You need to have an access to internet as our loan application process is 100% online;
  • You need to have an access to your internet banking (optional if you are seeking a loan of less than $1500);
  • You need to have an active and registered mobile number under your name;
  • You need to have an active email address;
If you do not fulfil all above requirements then you may not qualify for a SeedCash loan – if you’d like us to explain why, please contact us.
Our personal loan terms range from 4 weeks to 5 years, and you need to choose the loan term depending on factors like your repayment ability and cash flow needs. The longer the term is, the lower your repayments will be over time, but the more interest you’ll pay. The shorter it is, the higher your repayments will be. This means you’ll pay less interest over time, because there will be less time for interest to be charged.
Our fee structure is transparent. We provide an online Loan Calculator to help determine the cost of your loan. Our Calculator gives you approximate repayment amounts for the details you enter at an example rate of 21.95% p.a. Our personalised interest rates are from 14.95% p.a – 49.95% p.a fixed based on your unique circumstances. Repayment figures in the calculator will vary based on your pay date and your personalised interest rate. You can enter various amounts and repayment dates prior to proceeding with a loan application. This way you can see what you will be paying back before you apply. Please see Our Charges section.
Repaying your loan to SeedCash is as easy as pie. We’ll direct debit your account in the evening of your dated installment for the amount according to the repayment schedule you’ve chosen. Make sure you’ve got money in there on the specified day(s) or until debited successfully to avoid default penalties.
If we’ve agreed to accept your manual repayment(s); then you can make payment(s) using internet banking. Please contact our office to get more information.
YES – We encourage our customers to repay their SeedCash loan as early as possible! We do not charge any additional pre-payment fee, prepayment penalty or premium. Please note that Interest is accrued on your loan daily, based on the outstanding balance; therefore under some circumstances paying your loan in advance means you will incur less interest. Simply contact our customer service team on 0800733328 for a final balance figure on your loan.
Our customer service team is available between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday on 0800 7333 28 (excluding public holidays). Alternatively you can also email us at: info@seedcash.co.nz. We always aim to respond to any email queries within 24 hours during the week. If you contact us over the weekend or on a public holiday, we’ll be in touch with you on the very next business day.